Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

2008 is at the door. Remember, life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regreat anything that made you smile.

Happy New Year, may 2008 brings you lots of wonderful things and memory.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eid Al-Adha 2007

Assalamualaikum All..

Salam Aidil Adha to all our muslim reader.
Hope this year Eid Adha bring ourself grateful to Allah and Redha with what we have ordained.
To mark the upcoming Eid Al-Adha, qurban ceremony were held at my in-law resident. Two cows were sacrified, each for the sunnat qurban and aqiqah.

The picture below a little bit tricky.. have a guess guys
I'll tell you the answer on the last day of Eid Al-Adha 13 Dzulhijjah.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Health Tips - Part 01

I received these from my last email, just wanna share with u all readers.
By the way happy holiday to my wife and kids.

Risalah ini bagus untuk anda semua............
Tanda tanda sakit yang selalu kita rasakan berhubung kait dengan fungsi badan yang lain. Bacalah untuk menilai sejauh mana kesihatan diri anda:

1. MATA. Bertindak balas dengan keadaan hati.
i) Mata menjadi merah: Hati mengandungi paras toksin yang tinggi. Matamenjadi merah menandakan badan kita sedang dalam proses pembuangan toksin.
ii) Mata menjadi kabur: Sering berlaku pada waktu pagi.Menandakanproses penyeimbangan hati sedang berlaku.
iii) Keluar tahi mata: Fungsi hati lemah, pembuangan toksin sedang berlaku. Ini juga menunjukkan badan mengandungi asid berlebihan.
iv) Keluar air mata: Gangguan emosi yang bersangkut dengan hati atau bebanan kerjav) Ketegangan mata dan kelopak . Tekanan perasaan kerana tidak puas hati atau bebanan yang berat.

2. HIDUNG. Hidung mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan paru-paru dan kerongkong.
i) Selsema
a. Proses pembuangan toksin di bahagian kerongkong.
b. Badan mengandungi asid berlebihan (biasanya suhu badan meningkat).
ii) Hidung sebu
a. Paru-paru mengandungi toksin yang berlebihan.
b. Proses menyeimbangkan masalah alahan hidung.
iii) Bersin
a. Proses membuang toksin di bahagian kerongkong.
b. Proses menyeimbangkan masalah alahan hidung.
iv) Batuk
a. Batuk keluar kahak: Proses membuang toksin di bahagian kerongkong.
b. Batuk tanpa kahak: Paru-paru mengandungi toksin yang berlebihan.Biasanyakahak pekat keluar setepas beberapa hari memakan RG.
c. Batuk dan berasa gatal di kerongkong: Proses membuang toksin dibahagian kerongkong dan paru-paru, biasanya berlaku pada orang yang >banyak merokok atau terdedah kepada udara yang tercemar.

i) Kerongkong kering . Proses membuang toksin sedang berlaku diseluruh badan. Ini adalah anda bahawa badan kita memerlukan banyak air untuk membuang toksin.
ii) Sakit kerongkong . Seperti di atas. Paras keracunan lebih serius.

4. BIBIR . Berkaitan dengan fungsi sistem penghadaman.
i) Bibir pucat :
a. Sistem penghadaman yang lemah.
b. Perut mengandungi angin.
c. Kurang darah yang disebabkan oleh sistem penghadaman yang kurang sempurna dan mengakibatkan kekurangan zat besi. Sepatutnya diperkuatkan fungsi penghadaman dahulu dengan RG sebelum memakan zat besi.
ii) Bibir kering dan pecah :Perut mengandungi banyak bahan toksin.

5. MULUT DAN LIDAH: Berkaitan dengan fungsi jantung dan sistem pengedaran darah.
i) Lidah atau gusi bengkak, sakit: Menunjukkan jantung mempunyai masalah, seperti lemak yang berlebihan, injap menjadi lemah, saluran koronari tersumbat dan lain-lain lagi.
ii) Lidah, tisu mulut atau gusi menjadi pecah-pecah (ulser):Menandakan darah mengandungi asid berlebihan.
iii) Mulut berbau busuk.:Proses penyeimbangan fungsi perut untuk>pembuangan toksin.

6. TELINGA: Berkaitan dengan buah pinggang.
i) Telinga terasa tersumbat: Buah pinggang mengandungi toksin berlebihan.
ii) Telinga berdengung: Sedang merawat buah pinggang yang lemah.Biasanya tapak kaki terasa sakit ketika bangun pagi dan sakit itu hilang setelah berjalan-jalan.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Please call our masjid – ‘MASJID’ not ‘MOSQUE’

Please read this and pass it on to any Muslims, as much as you can. It is a vital and important information. Muslims should now refrain from using the term "Mosque". I was flipping through this book the other day called "THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING ISLAM" and it is filled with some facts. One of them concerns the term "Mosque." So many of us think that this is the English translation of Masjid.
I'm sure none of us ever wondered how this term came into being when it really had little in common with how it sounded compared to 'Masjid'. (We were very young when we were taught this –English- word. Our minds then were not critical & analytical, so didn't dare to ask/challenge our teachers, right?). Anyway this book pointed out that the term 'mosque' is derived from the Spanish word for "mosquito." It was termed as such because during the Crusades, King Ferdinand said they were going to go and swat the Muslims - "like mosq”.

Wallahua'lam bissawab

Friday, November 9, 2007


Bloggers feel guilt when they do not blog. Guilt is good if it prompts positive action. Bad if it causes unneccessary stress. So I let it go and just blog fast tonight:

T h e F u t u r e : According to top CEO

"..One thing I try to see is the future. Capitalizing on future trends is part of our business.Trying to distill the main points on what is important and what will be increasingly important in the coming decade. In no particular order:

1 - The environment is huge (did not have to attend a conference for that)
2 - Education
3 - Company Culture is key (I have been thinking a lot about that lately)
4 - Food Production
5 - Energy (sort of ties into 1)
6 - Security and stable government
7 - Poverty
8 - Be healthy and fit or you cannot handle the stress of being a leader
9 - Enjoy what you are doing.
10 -Don't take yourself too seriously but take the business and competition seriously.
11 - have courage.."

Read from CEO Blog - Time Leadership, do you agree with the CEO idea guys..?
Maybe..only money.. money.. is on their mind, thats why they sound want to live forever.